Monica Eaton-Cardone

Monica Eaton-Cardone

COO, Founder, Owner Chargebacks911

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an entrepreneur and business leader with expertise in technology, e-commerce, risk relativity and payment-processing solutions.

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Women's Woes: Impostor Syndrome, Minority Status, & FinTech

No, women aren't the only ones battling the "impostor syndrome" and the perceptual challenges of being a minority (by gender) in the workplace. And they're surely not the only ones grappling with the disruptive rise of FinTech, but these three topics are clearly entwined.

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The Payment Industry's New and Innovative Technologies

With new technologies like driverless cars and drone deliveries dominating media headlines, it's easy to overlook the numerous seemingly-insignificant developments that are brought to market every day. Once such area of innovation that is commonly overlooked is the payments industry.

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Combining Philanthropic Spirit with Professional Skills

Whether it's helping to feed those in need, cleaning up a local park, or mentoring younger kids, Americans overall contribute a fair amount of volunteer hours each year.

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The Modern Workforce: Balancing Automation and Human Labor

Our need for a purely human workforce is diminishing, as automation creeps into yet another aspect of business. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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Including the Human Element in Tech-Driven Customer Service - WITI

A new trend in our tech-driven, instant-gratification world is customer self-service. Businesses and service providers are looking for technologies that help consumers help themselves - ATMs, ticket kiosks, self-checkout lines, mobile food and drink order app, NFC, payment wallets, and more.

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Human Involvement: The Lost Element of Business

Take a moment to consider the very first cell phone you ever owned-the design, the functionality, and your dependence on it. Contrast that reminiscence with the device you currently possess.

Of all the things that have changed over the last decade or so, your reliance on the technology is perhaps the most noteworthy difference.