Monica Eaton-Cardone

Monica Eaton-Cardone

COO, Founder, Owner Chargebacks911

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an entrepreneur and business leader with expertise in technology, e-commerce, risk relativity and payment-processing solutions.

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How to Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace

Company culture is about more than everyone getting along or creating a fun environment to work in. Rather, the culture of an organization is about the way in which people work together to propel the business forward. All companies must define their culture and incorporate into that philosophy a strategy...

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Founder Honorary Advisory Board Contributors Strategic Allies...

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Guidance & Opinions for a Successful Life

General guidance and opinions to achieve true success & prosperity in life. We share success stories of business leaders and opinions to face life difficulties....

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RICHTOPIA - Discover New Intelligence to Enrich Your Life

A complete media brand covering effective leadership, emerging technologies, global economics, inspirational people, smart investing & strategic marketing....

Is Building Relationships Harder Today Than in the Past?

Yet we still have to build relationships. This means earning a person’s trust and respect by showing you care about them, their needs, interests, priorities...

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The Untold Secret on the Power of Courage in Five Minutes

As business owners and leaders, we can all relate to those high stress, challenging times. They can be tough, even frightening on occasion. READ MORE......

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Sales Detective Work: Who Is the Real Decision Maker?

More than anything, it is important to find the true decision maker, the person who has veto power and whose signature seals the deal....

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When to Manage and When to Lead Your Business (TOP TIPS)

Alison Vidotto shares her expert knowledge on what happens when leaders fail to manage and how to decide between management & leadership in business......

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Why Is Finding Your Purpose So Important? (FIND OUT NOW)

What nobody tells you about finding your purpose is that it is the driver for effective leadership. Alison Vidotto explains why here... READ MORE......

How to Deal With Negativity in the Workplace (INFOGRAPHIC)

Here's some examples of dealing with negativity in the workplace, this infographic helps you understand poor attitudes and eliminate it ... READ MORE ......